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In the recent past years there has been increasing demands for sources of clean water, combined with changing land use practices, population growth, aging infrastructure, and climate change and variability, pose significant threats to the world’s water resources. Failure to manage the world’s waters in an integrated, sustainable manner can jeopardize human and aquatic ecosystem health and impact our society and economy. The ICSED Research Program on water seeks to develop sustainable solutions to these complex water issues and proactively develop solutions to emerging and future problems, ensuring that clean, adequate and equitable supplies of water are available to support human well-being and resilient aquatic ecosystems, now and in the future.

We have developed a global water network that ensures sharing of research
information and research finding that will be able to drive the agenda of Sustainable Water for All (SWA). Inadequacy of clean water has brought enormous challenges across the world most importantly the water resource conflicts. 

ICSED ensures that its decisions in protecting water resources are based on innovative research and sound management. Our office of Research has integrated its drinking water and water quality research programs to create the safe and sustainable water resources research program. The research program is undertaking development of sustainable solutions for the 21st century water resource problems by integrating research on social, environmental and economic outcomes to provide lasting solutions.

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