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Environmental Compliance & Monitoring Services

ICSED Kenya’s environmental regulations experts monitor your operations for environmental compliance as per relevant laws and regulations. Our environmental compliance monitoring service provides assurance that operations have the least environmental impact possible. We conduct frequent testing of and on the operations, detailed reporting and documentation of results.

On existing projects, ICSED can provide detailed audits to identify needed modifications, recommendations on the waste management plan and on-site personnel.

At the start of a project, ICSED can plan the waste management equipment and services based on the environment and regulations of the location to ensure compliance. Our start to finish approach cuts costs in the long run. We provide storage and mud reconditioning capabilities, dedicated vehicles to prevent potential handling or transportation delays, vacuum trucks for fluid and waste transport, even water treatment options.

ICSED goes beyond compliance to focus on sustainability. Whether it’s offshore discharge, onshore landfills, or everything in between, you can count on ICSED Kenya to provide solutions that meet the requirements of regulatory authorities or local (county) governments where you operate.

ICSED Kenya is NEMA certified and offers great international services related to Development Consultancy. All these services we offer are on a transparent basis and fall under the guidelines of environmental protection and the advancement of the Blue Economy, which also fall in line with Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda.

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