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Services we deliver

All Projects/Programs Services of ICSED Kenya will be high quality.

Regional Consultative Meetings

We have regional consultative meetings for addressing sustainability and feeding the global strategies on sustainable development and further empowerment of citizens at various communities, as well as at major regional
conferences. Our research is evidence based that supports local livelihoods through economic, social and environmental empowerment.

As part of our mandate, we work closely with United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) and UN Sustainable Development Platform to actualize our objectives and driving the agenda of sustainability across the world. We conduct research, and compile and provide evidence, including good practices and lessons learned, to inform intergovernmental debates and decisions.

Implementation of our programmes and projects at country level are discussed in the Executive Board, where regional directors submit their recommendations which help the board to set the strategic directions.

International, Regional and National Expert forums

Our Trainings and Workshops catalyze our goal towards a just and sustainable world. We have well versed experts drawn from various sectors of expertise to provide guidance during our trainings and workshops. We are committed to result-based and impactful knowledge that will bring in quality results towards achieving sustainability.

Trainings and workshops help us to impart knowledge and skills, while providing techniques and resources to improve the performance and quality of our actions to bring about positive change for all and create a just, equitable and peaceful society.

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