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Research & Innovation

Research and innovation form the core pillar of the organization whereby they contribute immensely to our work and in the development of our work plans. We support innovative technologies that are incubated and tested for their applicability. We work closely with higher learning and technical institutions to facilitate in recognizing young talent to be nurtured. Adoption and transfer of technologies to support the industrial development process will spur development hence assist in achieving sustainability.

The Organizations Research Scientists (ORS) are the key players in research technology and innovation of industrial knowledge and technologies and its application in areas such as:

  • Food security,
  • Waste and e-Waste management,
  • Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency,
  • Technology,
  • Water,
  • Health,
  • Information Science/Technology,
  • Marine and Biodiversity conservation, and
  • Environmental Sciences.

Through this programme we support the establishment and utilization of research findings and recommendations from our experts to under-served areas for the implementation. We are determined to facilitate, develop and apply research, technology and innovation in our day to day work to advance industrial research that will be applied at the community level for development towards realization of sustainable development.

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