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Food Security

ICSED’s Strategic Approach to Food Security

ICSED embarked on community research on a local farmer hence developed a strategy to transform the rural poverty into tomorrow’s prosperity by giving farmers knowledge and skills that promotes sustainable and significant increase in productivity of small scale farmers. Through the intensive stakeholders engagement and informed by the research from our partners,  we enriched our strategic plan towards achieving sustainable food productivity in APC countries towards sustainable economic growth.

Research findings give a very powerful indication that through the application of indigenous knowledge and the additional technological innovations, there is huge return in terms of productivity:

  • spreading many crop varieties that will thrive in various conditions;
  • improving soil health through integrated soil fertility management;
  • and developing technologies that maximize the use of rainwater and deliver small-scale irrigation which will speed up the growth of farmers hence sustainability.

Through our consultative forums and engagements with local farmers, we empower them with knowledge so as to be less vulnerable to climate change, which is also a threat for livelihoods and food security. We enable farmers to adopt to ecological based approaches that helps to build effective food systems towards resilient livelihoods, which ultimately assists to achieve food security in climate change situations.

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